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Downloading Instructions

There are many internet browsers, all of which have multiple options for various preferences that can affect your download. Below are some common issues.

We will email your cartoons to you if you prefer.

1. Internet Explorer and Netscape/FireFox:

(a) The DOWNLOAD button is in the right column of the confirmation page. Click on the DOWNLOAD button with the left button of your mouse.

(b) Depending on your computer, you will probably be asked to open or save the high resolution file. Choose "Save" and select the appropriate folder on your computer. Alternatively, you may select "Open", but your computer will open whatever you've set as your default image program for .jpg files (PhotoShop, Microsoft Image Viewer, etc.), so you'll need to Copy or Save as appropriate in that program.

(c) If you have trouble, email and we'll send the cartoons to you by email.

2. AOL and Others:

(a) Try the above technique.

(b) If you have trouble, we'll email the cartoons to your. Email