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Antitrust Law
The Sherman Act; European Community competition law; predatory pricing, gouging; tying; refusal to deal.
How A Bill Becomes a Law
Legislative process; bribery; dirty politicians; logrolling; pork barrell politics; political back scratching.
Legal Plan Legality
Business planning and the law.
Staying Legal
Gray area interpretations.
Marketing or Legal
Legal department fighting the marketing department.
Creative Accounting
White collar crime cartoon; Arthur Andersen LLP; withhold documents; alter documents; destroy documents.
Wall Street Cartoon
Stealing from the cookie jar.
Investment scheme
Jail time; prison time; jail cartoons; prison cartoons.
Remillard Brick Company v. Remillard Dandini Company
Directors fiduciaries fiduciary relationship common benefit fiduciary duty.
Corporate Fraud
Think outside the box.
Board member arrested.
Making Connections
It's who you know.
White Collar Crime
Stupid criminal.
Corporate Crime
Embezzlement cartoons.