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Cameras in the Courtroom
Court tv cartoon; allowing press access to trials.
Pouting Dissenter
Appellate judges tease dissenter; dissenting judge.
Federal Judges
Appellate judges enjoy harassing attorneys; administrative judges; magistrate judges; circuit court; court appeal; Supreme Court judges; district judges; circuit appeals.
Election Law
Voting cartoon; electronic voting; Bush v. Gore; contested election; election cartoons; election lawsuit cartoon; voting case; hanging chad; disputed election count; judges vote.
Motion Denied
Gravestone cartoons; bad pun; bad puns.
Crime Cartoon
Funny lawyer joke; judge joke.
Nonjudgmental Judge
Avoiding decision-making cartoons.
Judge's Indecision
Decide case cartoon; judicialindecision.
Alleged Until Convicted
Innocent until proven guilty; guilty until proven innocent.
Out of order.
How to decide a case; court of appeals; appellate court.
Hold in contempt of court.
Out of order; sustained.
Probative Value
Prejudicial effect; relevance; relevant evidence; whether the prejudicial effect outweighs the probative value; probative value versus the predjudicial effect.
Judge cartoon; judge and jury; petit jury; hung jury; jury trial; jury duty; jury selection process.