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Spam Lawsuit
Spammer legal troubles.
Jury Duty Cartoon
Law and Order cartoon; celebrity trial; mug shots; celebrity mugshot; celebrity crime photo; celebrity justice photo.
Opening Statement
Jurors cartoon; length of trials; sequester; jury cartoons.
Juror Intellect
Jury of your peers cartoon.
Arbitrary Juries
Jury cartoon; problems with juries.
Jury Selection Cartoon
Kicking jurors; voir dire.
Pickup line cartoon.
Miller-El v. Dretke
Peremptory challenge; juror discrimination; racial discrimination; Batson v. Kentucky, Johnson v. California.
United States v. Dougherty
Jury nullification remains an important component of american justice; prerogative of the jury after considering the facts and law presented.
Duncan v. Louisiana
Sixth amendment right to a jury trial for criminal defendents is incorporated to the states by the fourteenth amendment.
Carter v. Jury Commission
The constitution does not forbid states to prescribe relevant qualifications for their jurors. Fair cross section requirement; jury.
Taylor v. Kentucky
Jury instructions; extrajudicial factors; proper instruction; presumption of innocence; lack of evidentiary value of an indictment; reasonable doubt; voir dire.
United States v. Thomas
When the evidence discloses any possibility that a juror views arise from the sufficiency of government evidence, disqualification must be denied. peremptory challenge; batson challenge; strike in camera.
United States v. DiNapoli
Test for whether party has same motive in developing evidence is not only whether questioner was on same side of same issue in both proceedings, but also whether questioner had substantially similar interest. RICO.
Campbell v. Delbridge
Emotional distress; issues in medical malpractice case that are only peripheral to medical decisions do not require expert testimony.
Out of order.
Jury Strategy
Facts and law.
Juror; juries; jurys; jury of your peers; jury instructions; jury duty; petit jury; grand jury; the jury.
Judge cartoon; judge and jury; petit jury; hung jury; jury trial; jury duty; jury selection process.