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Doctor Testimony
Expert witness fees, witnesses.
Juror Intellect
Jury of your peers cartoon.
Leading Question
Ask leading questions.
Med Mal
Medical malpractice insurer lawsuit defense strategy.
Medical Malpractice Settlement
Compensation for medical injury.
Talks to settle a case for wrongful death.
HMO Cartoon
Aliens discussing Earth invasion.
Student Acting Under Doctor Authority Does Not Commit Battery
Mullins v. Parkview Hospital, Inc; In order to state a claim for battery, the plaintiff must show that the defendant acted intending to cause a harmful or offensive contact with the plaintiff.
Congressional Regulation of Intrastate Commerce
Gonzales v. Raich; Medical marijuana; Prescription marijuana; THC; Congress may regulate intrastate activity if there is a rational basis for concluding that the activity may have a substantial effect on interstate commerce; necessary and proper clause.