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Car Accident
Car accidents lawsuit; liability for a auto accident.
Lying Under Oath
Swear on the Bible.
Crawford v. Washington
Sixth amendment confrontation clause demands, for an out of court statement to be admitted into evidence, the witness must be unavailable and defendant must have prior opportunity to cross examine the declarant. Cross examination; hearsay.
Nix v. Whiteside
Perjury; criminal defendant is not deprived of the effective assistance of counsel when his lawyer admonishes him not to give perjured testimony and threatens to disclose to the court any false testimony the defendant may give.
Olden v. Kentucky
Rape shield laws are subject to defendant's Sixth Amendment right to cross examine the accuser for bias; confrontation clause; motion in limine.
United States v. Ince
Hearsay; hearsay exception; prior inconsistent statements; inadmissible confession; past recollection recorded.
Specific Recollection
Evidence law; refresh your memory.
Dying Declaration During Police Interrogation
Michigan v. Bryant; Out-of-court statements made to police by an unavailable witness are admissible when the primary purpose of the police interrogation that elicited the statements was to enable police assistance to meet an ongoing emergency.
Surprise Witness
Surprise witnesses; courtroom; blindfold; cross examination of a witness; surprise defense witness.
Prior Convictions
Prior convictions evidence; prior conviction admissable; three strikes laws; prior conviction rules of evidence; priors; prior DUI; OWI priors; evidence of criminal conviction.