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Law School

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Bar Exam
Bar exam cartoons; bar results.
Law School Rankings
New law school graduate; funny law school class cartoon.
Med School v. Law School
Become a doctor or a lawyer? Medical. Medicine.
Law School Student Debt
First job; the real world.
Law Firm Recruiting
Lawyer starting salaries.
Summer Associate
Summers; legal intern; summer associate pay compensation.
Pay Off Student Loans
Paying off student loans; student debt forgiveness; student debt consolidation; graduation speech examples; graduate; get a job; average student debt after college; taking out student loans.
Law School
Acceptance to law school acceptance; don't go to law school; law school admissions test; LSAT; applying to law school; admission to law school.
Research Skills
Research skill; teaching research skills; legal research and writing skills; legal researcher; legal research jobs; research methods; research methodology.
Tenure Track
Professor cartoon; law school professor; how to get tenure; make tenure.
Grade papers; how to grade papers; how to grade a paper; grading papers; how to grade students; buried in exams to grade; buried in papers to grade.
Law School Effect
Side effects of law school.
Going to Law School
Liberal arts majors end up at law school.
Law School Gunner
Overzealous law students are called gunners.
Law School Coffee Addiction
Late nights doing crushing homework turns most law student into coffee addicts.
Getting Into Law School
Getting into law school is hard, but it's just the first step
Law School Finals
Law students study so hard for finals, little things like eating and grooming often suffer.
Don't Go To Law School
Many college students want to go to law school, but only because they don't know any better.
Law School Sacrafice
Law school is so difficult that many students let themselves go.
New Lawyer
New lawyers are often shocked by real law. Law school doesn't prepare student for many of the challenges of practice.
Exam Proctor
Exam proctors take delight in student suffering.
Competitive Law Students
Competition between law students can prevent things like sharing class outlines.
Law School Exams
Some law schools have exams after Christmas break, which ruins Christmas.
Law School Classes Are Boring
Law school may be stressful, but that doesn't mean it's not also boring.
Law School Is Hard
Legal studies are notoriously difficult.
Gunner Law Student
Overly competitive law students are labelled gunners.
Mock Trial
Law students practice for court by conducting mock trials in law school.
Law School Final Exams
Law students have to put their live's back together after cramming for exams.
Law School Orientation
Law schools take a sink or swim attitude.
Law School Study Group
Law students create study groups to share the workload.
Socratic Method
The Socratic Method has been terrifying law student since, well, Socrates.
College Alumni Fundraising
University fundraisers chase alumni practically from the day of graduation.
Pass The Bar
Passing the Bar is a law school topic of conversation from day 1. Bar pass rate.
Coffee Addiction
Law students are notorious caffiene addicts.
Law School Spring Break
Spring break isn't the same for law students.
Law School Examination
Some law school professors are very strict about students taking exams, no matter what the excuse.